Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nutrition Goals

I have decided to write a list of goals I want to accomplish. Specific ways I want to fuel my future and today I finally got the time and freedom to do just that. Tomrrow on duty so be up quite late and hoping get some more deep emotional writings out...but tonight brain dead so wanted the fluffy goal-based stuff. Will make these goals a tab and also keep you all updated when I check them off :) Ignore the's things I realized while posting this and thus need to add to my list

So basically I’ve come to realize there are some themes with how I want eating to be:
  •  I want to give in completely to your teaching and remove my ability to say “No” in sessions when it comes to fear foods, timings, and other prescriptions/assignments. I’m never going to learn if I don’t let you teach/push me.
  • I want to push the “safety” ED pretends to give me. I just get so safe with my eating and I don’t want to gain the weight and still be eating like a person with an ED. I need to fuel my future when it comes to food too and start eating NOW how I want to eat in FUTURE. Some things may be baby steps, but I need to give it a chance. Besides eating safe and still gaining weight makes me feel more guilty
  • I know some of these things probably aren’t “healthy” so you can feel free to get rid of them because may be my binge eating/unhealthy eater coming in. Like desserts weekly (or even maybe multiple times week) I know it isn’t healthy…but I think it may be freeing. And fast food isn’t healthy, but feel should learn to do it
  •   And another big thing is relying on exchanges not numbers because I get in this track of comparing cals I ate today to yesterday and all that. I definitely think pushing myself more will help this because I will be able to focus on challenges not on calories.

This list may grow as I realize more things I don’t allow myself, but this seems good starting point. Had fun making it…but realizing we will probably do it is definitely scary thought.


  1. What Katherine says goes which means no saying no to
    1. Timing
    2. Fear Foods (ie if she says do turkey burger then I have to do it…that’s more waiting for good time because that’s just ED control)
    3. Exchanges (even if I think should be more because higher cal
    4. Nutritionist-built meal
  2. Exchanges not cals (either know from list or ask Katherine)
  3. Freedom with bagel toppings (maybe to ensure this make do fear ones certain times per week)
  4. Eat with people (even if this means eating a snack/meal in our session to start)
  5. Eat when Katherine deems normal time
    1. Eat earlier if hungry
  6.  Eat b-fast in dining hall at least one time on weekend
  7. New snack ideas (not the “diety” ones I lean to)
  8. Branch out with fruits and veggies=no rules around
    1. With fruits I only allow one high cal fruit a day and usually only 1-2 times a week, always have prunes in morning, avoid bananas and raisins, purposely get bruised so know don’t have to eat all
    2. With veggies I only allow steamed once a day and always balance with “safer” raw like cucumber or pepper
  9.  Allow myself salt
  10. Comfortable with salmon
  11. When able eat b-fast or part b-fast before class
  12. Eat peanut butter
  13. Freedom with yogurt, not just 80 calories but also the 90/100 calorie ones
  14. Freedom with milk: have in dining hall instead rely on the kind I have in room that is mega-protein but lower calorie
  15.  Freedom with bagel flavors (ie…Everything bagel)
  16.  Freedom with breads (ie not just Roman meal….maybe do pita bread or roll instead
  17. Freedom with sides (ie not have to have peas every day at least once)
  18. Eat dessert on non-exercise day
  19.   This is semi in-future and not even sure of it but allow self treat every day (used to have a dark chocolate every day but did it instead of fat at b-fast because thought was cheating system…now I would never do such a thing)
  20. Freedom with almonds (ie not just cinnamon ones which are lower cal/fat)

In Future- School Based

  1. Allow myself condiments (ie mustard)
  2. Eat bagel in dining hall
  3. Not measure spread on bagel
  4. Eat main line dish (certain times per week?)
  5. Eat at special event night
  6. Have non-healthy b-fast (aka not Kashi Go Lean/healthy cereals/oatmeal)
  7. Eat dessert without planning it
  8. Freely grab dining hall cookie or fro-yo cone
  9.   Allow day where every meal/snack is freedom food or selected by nutritionist just to see how real normal person eats (and to give into the temptation I sometimes get to just let myself go…just for one day…just to see)
  10. Eat if hungry even if done plan
  11. Eat beyond plan one time just to see I can (and not a fruit/veg)
  12. Have a day without safe tuna meal (aka scary lunch and dinner or fish at both)
  13. Free from fiber obsession (not sure how to do this…unless somehow ban fiber one altogether)
  14.  Not measure/think about fat grams unless it’s a fat exchange (not sure how to overcome this or the calorie counting really…but I am tired of it)
  15.  Have a Sunday where don’t eat my flounder/chicken typical meal
  16. .   Learn to eyeball not measure meat
  17.  Eat with door open instead of feeling I have to hide

Restaurant/Home Based

  1.  Eat what family eating when go home (except obviously if red meat/pizza)
  2. Go through drive thru
  3. Eat Jimmy John’s
  4. Eat Pita Pit
  5. Eat Chick-fil-a
  6. Get diet lemonade at chick-fil-a
  7.  Have girl’s Chinese night with mom
  8.  Eat dessert I cook instead of just cooking it
  9. Eat at restaurant
  10. Get unlabeled dessert or bakery item from store
  11.  If something look good at store buy it and then look at nutrition facts after (or is it normal to look at nutrition facts at store
  12.   Get calorie drink at starbucks
  13.   Get snack at gas station (need to learn how to do this in case there are road trips or get stuck in traffic and get hungry)
  14.    Eat raw cookie dough or when baking for someone allow lick batter

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