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FREEDOM!!! The Truth is key!

I actually wrote this on Jan 21st, but I am trying a delayed post thing…so you all will either get a double dose, or this will work and not post till tomorrow (the 22nd). Either way, this has been awesome! I went to a class taught by my nutritionist and I think I have found something that will help me when I dive back into recovery. I am armed with facts and education. Things I can use to combat ED when he is screaming.

So these are all around behaviors I hate to do but that ED makes me do. Basically he uses the same argument all the time. If you don’t do this you will get more calories and gain even faster than you already are. And you know what. He’s right. I will be getting more calories. Now I don’t know about gaining more rapidly, but once I get back in recovery the goal will be weight gain.

So yes, I will gain weight. But guess what? I will be free. And guess what else. My metabolism, fueled by the added wood (food) added to the fire (the metabolism) will speed up and then I will eat this amount, stop gaining, and have to get an increase. And then ED won’t be able to yell and I will be completely free. Worth a little gain? I think so.

So here we go and I hope it helps you all too. I broke it up based off the food group because I struggle with aspects for all of them. In the end though I now see the power in food and something crucial. Doing these things will mean more calories but also more freedom. My metabolism will adjust to more calories and I will maintain on my meal plan and need more as my N says. Therefore I can deal with the more calories. My life won’t adjust to all the sudden give me more freedom though or make this less scary. So I HAVE TO do this. My metabolism will adjust on its own…but ED’s will only move if I shove ED over by doing the next right thing.


You have no need to weigh fruit, you can just freely cut it. Count an apple as an apple, banana as banana…no weight needed.
You don’t need to restrict or weigh your veggies. Why?
Fruits and veggies are both amazing sources of vitamins, including antioxidants A, D, and E which are amazing to help you beat cancer. The more fruit/veg, the more vitamins and stronger your body is to fight cancer! They also have flavonoids which reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer!

You have no need to fear fruits and veggies. Why?
You only fear them because of higher calories, but the ones you fear are usually amazing sources of phytochemicals.  Need proof?
Broccolli: carotenoids (antioxidants prevent cancer), suforaphane and dithiolthiones (block    carcinogen damage)
Tomatoes, carrots: carotenoids again!
Grapes, prunes, other fruits: Caffeic acid (excretes carcinogens), ferulic acid (removes nitrates)
So don’t fear these foods…just find out why they are so good and what they provide and be happy they are protecting you!


You don’t have to cut your protein to exactly 3 oz when your serving is 3-4 oz. You don’t have to restrict tuna or make sure it’s a divet in the ½ cup bowl. Why? Protein is super important. It provides essential amino acids that your body has to get from the diet. More protein means more amino acids! It provides building materials for everything in body. Its needed for transportation in body. And lastly…you put so much work into cycling class but to repair and grow those muscles and other tissues you have to have protein! SO if you weigh your fish and its 3.5 oz heck even if it’s 4 oz don’t get scared instead celebrate all the extra benefits you get.


You don’t need to eat fiber one or other high-fiber items. Why?
You already eat a plant-based diet with fruits and veggies. You get NATURAL fiber no need for extra. Also, you don’t need high fiber. High fiber might be needed if you have high cholesterol issues, but you don’t because you are afraid of animal-based fats and thus don’t get them in your diet. So no worries for cholesterol and no worries for fiber.

You don’t need to be scared of carbs that are higher cal or need to eat lower-carb/diet items.  You don’t have to weigh your carbs or spill them to leave behind a few peas. Why?
More calories means more nutrients and carbs..they are power packed! Carbohydrates are source of immediate energy through glucose (who needs energy drinks..I got carbs!) and reserved energy through glycogen for my workouts and just those long days. Not only that, but carbs are the brains preferred fuel source. You need 130g carbs minimum just for brain to function! So may get slightly more cals…probably insignificant…but what is significant is all the energy and freedom you will get too!

You don’t need to weigh your bagels or tear them to perfect size. Why? Sure it may have slightly more calories, but may have slightly less. In the end it all balances out and if it is a larger bagel just means more nutrients and more of the benefits seen above. More energy, better brain function, more reserves so you can keep kicking ass!

You don’t need to fear or avoid beans. Why? Beans are awesome and not only provide benefits of proteins, carbs, and fiber but also have several phytochemicals that fight cancer! Think I’m lying..nope. Protease inhibitors slow tumor growth, phytoesterols prevent colon cancer, isoflavones reduce risk of breast and ovarian cancers, and saponins prevent cancer cell multiplication. So bring on the beans!


Last, but certainly not least and the thing I have always, always struggled with. You do not need to restrict fats, spill fats, or choose low-fat options for fat exchanges. You don’t need to avoid peanut butter your favorite food. Why? First off, fats don’t make you fat, but you don’t believe that I know. So instead here is what I can gurantee you fat does do. Amazing things. Fats provide an energy reserve especially when stored. That’s need to store fat. But don’t let ED get you…fats are crucially used so you won’t store them all. Fats insulate the body from temperature extremes. That’s won’t freeze in the summer and have to wear hoodies all the time if you eat some fats. They protect the organs from shock from running, jumping, or any sudden movements. In fact without enough fat, your organs aren’t held in place and just jostle around so every step you take you are risking your organs hitting too hard and being damaged. And lastly…all those carbs and protein you worked so hard to face….they can’t be used by the body efficiently without fat. And the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K from these food can’t be absorbed at all without fat. Don’t let your hard work go to your fats. Real fats, full fats, fabulous fats.

I hoped this helped you all as much as it did me. I honestly think this is a technique I will use if I know a freedom food will be too scary. I will ask my N what it provides me and then will let that be the focus, not whatever ED is yelling about. Love you all!

What of these was most suprising to you?
How can you use this to fight your ED or to make your diet even more power-packed?

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