Friday, November 23, 2012

A bad moment, not a bad week

So Thanksgiving for me didn't go as planned. I did bring what I needed with me and enjoyed more than I have in years at Thanksgiving, but still underate by a lot. I ate when I got back from lunch which I have never done on Thanksgiving, but again was still quite under my dieticians plan. I was honest with her about it and she sent me an e-mail this morning that really got me thinking.

Sure I had a not-so-good Thanksgiving recovery wise, but I can make it a good Thanksgiving by picking myself up and learning that one slip doesn't have to mean a bad rest of my day. I could have done this at Thanksgiving by making up the exchanges I missed, but I didn't. I did do more than I thought I would though so that is good. But today, I can learn form it and get back on the recovery horse. My one bad day, doesn't have to mean a bad week. It doesn't have to last any longer. I can pick myself back up and start over.

So though today has been rough, and I delayed breakfast till mid-afternoon, I am going to get my exchanges in. In fact, its 11:30 pm and I still have one snack, but it's gonna happen. I also added to the lower-calorie bagels from home (lower-cal compared to dining hall NY style). This I was supposed to be doing all week, but I never did. I thought to myself about how tomorrow it's back to the dining hall and its bagels, so I figured I would just wait for tomorrow, but you see this getting back on the horse thing works that way too. Could I wait till tomorrow, and get completely on board then....yeah I could. But I could also start today...I could get through the battle now so tomorrow its a little less of a fight. Plus tomorrow is back to dining hall for lunch and dinner which may be overwhelming and back to the stress of my job and school. So why put another battle onto tomorrow that I can start fighting today.

So you see, your bad slip in recovery doesn't have to last past that one moment. And your triumphs to have can come today instead of tomorrow. That's the beauty of's yours to create. And who wouldn't want to reach the beauty of freedom and recovery a day early? Or end the storm of a slip a moment sooner? So let's hop back on our recovery horse and ride off to the sunset together. It may take a big fight, it may take lots of tears, and tonight for me it may take till 11:59 pm, but it can and will happen. We are strong, and we deserve this. Let's write our recovery stories as victories and leave the nightmares to our abandoned ED.

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