Sunday, August 24, 2014

I'm alive....just living life!

Hey everyone--
Sorry I went MIA, but I am going to update. In fact, tomorrow is my 22nd b-day and I plan on doing a year in review little post if you all are interested. May be doing some themed posts this week if I have time.

I have just been super busy honestly...just living life. Working, going to classes, moving. It's been an adventure and there is so much to say....maybe that is how I will spend tomorrow b-day night. Writing up some updates and post. For now here is a quick one.

BEST WEEKEND EVER! Celebrated 6 months in recovery on Fri with a cupcake, then Sat my mom showed up at my work all the way from Atlanta (4 hours away) to suprise me with cake for my co-workers and balloons. Just for my b-day. For me. This is why she had been so distant and hadn't mentioned my b-day...she couldn't keep a secret! It was the most amazing, selfless thing and still has a smile planted on my face!

Today celebrated 3 years as a Christian with her, got a 99 on my first grad paper, and got GREAT tips as cashier at Mellow Mushroom!

And tomorrow is my 22nd b-day. No plans..but bought myself a b-day button to wear like used to pretend to dread when was younger. Dont know what it will bring, know it may be hard without my dad, but also know he will sprinkle me with blessings. This year has been crazy, I've grown a lot, and I've been through a lot, but in the end I feel so blessed for everything the Lord has provided. That even through the hard times...I sit here today blessed and beaming.

School: I love it! I feel this really is the program for me. Yes, I'm scared I'm going to fail as always...but I just feel at home in this program. I love learning about helping people and can't wait to have my eyes opened!

Work: Is amazing! Love the people at my assistantship. My schedule is working itself out. AND I LOVE MELLOW MUSHROOM! honestly, it's my stress relief. It's nice to look forward to going to work every day.

Recovery: So much to update on here. It's been ups and downs, but been in recovery every day. Couldn't be without the help of amazing friends and family. Learned a lot, and have had to cut down on spin and learn to let food and exercise fit into my life, not make my life about food and exercise. It's been scary, but I am so happy for all the challenges.

Love you all, more updates soon!
Please write below or shoot me e-mail if you are still reading. Also, would love to be pen pals with people if interested!

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