Thursday, August 28, 2014

WIAW: Way back when

So I decided since Mon was my 22nd b-day and sine grad school budget been keeping me from buying fear foods worth sharing for the time being….I would do a flashback post! Basically WIAW: Kid edition.
Thanks Jenn for hosting

What I Ate Way back Wed
First off, a classic that kids now will never taste: Dunkaroos! Who remembers these things! Awesome! Was favorite part of camp because only place would get them.

I also used to love soccer practice for this trifecta of yum: Fruit by the foot, Fruit Roll up, Gushers! Tried these recently and hated them...but back then they were awesome. 

And loved basketball banquets because at Cici’s

And the volleyball at DQ!

And after school for those cookies...u know...the baseball ones that were all vanillaey and good. Can't even find a pic of them. I actually get a craving for these quite frequently. But these were close second

I used to sneak over to neighbor’s house and steal: Dino eggs oatmeal. Always loved oatmeal. Who knows...maybe I will be feeling nostalgic and grab a box one day. 

Then there were the lovely good times of babysitter nights! Included all these yums!


Oh and long before my PB obsession….was my PBJ obsession. Now I hate jelly with PB but back then it was the only way to go!

And my HUGE obsession was chicken fingers. Seriously…no matter where we went out to eat I would order chicken fingers. Mexican restaurant I grew up in…yep chicken fingers. Fancy steakhouse…where the chicken fingers. Italian….forget the noodles I want chicken fingers.

And these were only acceptable dipping sauces.
Honey Mustard

Before he died my dad adapted a recipe for me...but the secrets of it are locked in his mind. It involved oats and honey. 

Only time would forgo the chicken finger was Chinese…then it was Chicken and Brocolli but the real star: Dumplings!!! And the rice was obsessed! I definitely want to try these again.....I just don't know when. 

Of course parents did cook. My favorite of my dad’s: homemade pancakes! Everyone else got normal ones...but he would always make mine a face pancake. 

And two of my mom: Hamburger helper and spaghetti pie. Used to love these things....can't think of eating them now. I honestly don't know why I liked the taste lol. 

Obviously this wasn’t all I ate…it was just the things I loved. Now while I’m happy I eat noticeably healthier now…it’s obsessively slow and I wish I could have had just a little freedom
For now I can just keep on the right path, deal with my new stomach diagnosis, and find my own bite at a time 

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