Sunday, February 10, 2013

From True Hurt to True Healing

I used to escape from my ED by writing poetry....but somehow in the past few years....I haven't been able to write. Nothing has been good enough. But tonight...I had to get emotions out, I had to write, and heart spoke through poetry.

True pain runs deep
Deep into the soul
It penetrates the heart and flows
A rampant rapid of destruction

With each heartbeat it courses through the veins
Reaching every part of your being
Producing thoughts like daggers
Tearing away at the person inside
Scaring the soul to its depths

True pain runs deep
It lingers on
It is not bound by time
But surges on unrelenting

Torment from years past tear deep
Leaving fresh wounds unhealed
Wounds that sting now as they did then
Wounds producing walls in hopes of protection
Walls producing cages that keep torment inside

True pain seem inescapable, unbearable
It seems never-ending
It seem overwhelming
This is how true pain seems

But seeming isn’t reality
For true pain is escapable
The deep scars can heal
The soul can find peace and rest

For from true pain comes true healing
Healing that coarses through the veins
Healing that replaces the dark with light
Healing that brings hope to the fading soul
Healing that makes all wounds disappear

True healing can seem unbearable
It can seem unachievable
It can seem undesirable
But again, seeming isn’t reality

For the seeming of healing comes only in moments
Moments of insecurity worth the security of joy
Moments of anguish worth the joy in the end
Moments of doubt worth the hope of a future
Moments will fade and healing will last

True healing is a choice
A choice to turn from the pain,
From the normalcy it brings,
From the comfort of the hurt

True healing is a commitment
A commitment to push through the moments,
To cling onto the future,
To the knowledge the moment will past
And healing will come in the end

True healing begins in an instant,
An instant like this
Where you say you’ve hurt long enough
And deserve a chance to be free

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