Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fight on Mighty Warrior (a poem by me)

Recovery isn’t easy
But who said it would be
When has it ever been simple
For people to fight to be free?

But the answer isn’t relapse
As much as ED says it is
It won’t make things better
It for sure won’t bring bliss

Numbers quickly become your focus
A goal to call relapse an end
You become your own worst enemy
Instead of your own recovery friend

In the misery of relapse
All you want is to be free
You want to run back into the arms
Of your once recovery

Because recovery means freedom
It means choice
Means hope
It brings overwhelming feelings
But also a way to cope

Relapse only brings fear
Brings exhaustion
Brings defeat
But don’t believe EDs lies
That relapse means defeat

The strength is in you to get back
To the recovery that brought you light
To refuse to come back to ED
Though tempt you he might

ED will make it hard
He will make relapse seem like the way
But only because he knows
You are numbering his days

Each step in recovery
You discover more of you
Of truth
Of peace
Of freedom
And then his days are few

So fight on mighty warrior
And if you slip don’t fret
Dust off your knees, pick up your head
And don’t let yourself forget

Recovery won’t be perfect
But it will be worth it in the end
You deserve to be happy
You deserve to be your own best friend

Relapse is not the answer
It will never bring you peace
Peace will only come
When your chains release

So fight on might warrior
Don’t give ED another day
Remember you are strong
And with God there is a Way

A way through the fear
Past the numbers
Past the shame
God is in control
And God…well He’s got game

He is already Victor
The enemy crushed beneath his feet
So know no matter what
ED can’t bring you defeat

Fight on might warrior
Your victory is sealed
Recovery is yours
You will be healed

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