Monday, January 12, 2015

Keep Faith and Blessings will Come

Sun Jan 11th

It's been a trying few days, but my bible study Me, Myself, and Lies as well as the love of family and friends has pulled me through and led me to keep my eyes on God. Sometimes tear-filled eyes, sometimes fear-filled eyes, but ALWAYS upward gazing eyes. It's been trying..but tonight proved to me, it's worth it. 

All I can say is I feel blessed tonight. Scared and blessed. I prayed for good tips from God…..and I went to work trusting in this. When co-workers were scared because slower than normal this morning…I just felt was going to be okay. Then all the sudden we got SLAMMED at night. Followed by it again getting slow. I felt myself start to worry a little again….and then I put my faith back in God. Next thing I know the unbelievable happens.

We had a reservation for 30 and at the EXACT TIME that reservation was supposed to be there a party of 30 showed up so we sat them for my co-worker and I was told I was going to help so I had already stopped taking tables. I was then told I didn’t really need to assist and could go back to tables and again felt a little panic, but told myself to trust in God. Suddenly…the ACTUAL 30-person reservation showed up. Yes…two parties of 30 wanted to eat at Mellow Mushroom at exact same time. And because I happened to have stopped taking tables…I was the only server who could take them. And they were from a church. Coincidence? I think not..more like God incidence.

Combining the 42 dollars this morning with the tips I made tonight….I totaled out for over 180 dollars in tips. I feel truly, extremely, and beyond words blessed by God and His graciousness. He is teaching me to trust. In the good, the bad, and the terrifying times. He also taught me I am more capable than I ever imagined. I was so overwhelmed at so many different times tonight, and at end of the night manager told me I performed the best he has ever seen someone do with first huge party. I felt so proud, and again so blessed.

I was also almost brought to tears because this week is also going to be the week of my dad’s b-day. January 15th. It’s still a hard day for me. Luckily it’s also only day therapist could see me (another God-incidence). As well, this week I was blessed with this night of tips and my stepmom was blessed with a new addition to her family. Can’t help but think God and my dad are just sprinkling b-day miracles along. Man, I am just so blessed and thankful.

Yes I am scared because all of this brought me home late and have class in the morning and a meal plan I must and WILL finish no matter the time. But if God blesses me, it is destructive and clearly the enemy that would want me to complain. So instead I put my trust in Him and give all thanks, all glory, and all of today to Him who provides.  My mom has always demonstrated this for me and reminds me to practice an attitude of gratitude..and for once I am.

Love you all.

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