Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence from ED day

Happy 4th. Gonna keep it short, but been rough least at first. Tummy hurt, weigh-in was terrifying, and I was in bad place missing dad. Then took these treats I baked to work and made others happy and that got me happy (and the 40 dollars in tips today was good too).

So decided screw the's independence from ED day..something really needs fireworks. So I faced some corn on cob at lunch.

And at dinner faced vegan burger on sandwich thin (with spread I will share in my WIAW), a nectarine (think I have new fav fruit!!!), peppers (AND new fav veg). Tried one bite as burger...but nope...tore it apart lol.

And because no ED independence day is complete without dessert a Arctic Zero sundae with a York patty (snowflake because haven't eaten since Xmas) and a Vitabrownie. 

This was AMAZING. I freaking LOVE York patties. Knew I did because they are so light and fresh. I don't have huge sweet tooth...neither did my dad...but mint or spice and you got me! Leave me feeling light after dessert...not heavy. This one as for us papa

So let's shoot off some firework, let freedom ring, and honor the memory of my dad and Pop Bill. Take that is ED independence day.

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