Sunday, July 6, 2014

Perfect BECAUSE of our Imperfection

Thank you again Beth Moore! It’s been a rough few days guys. I have been dealing with some personal issues I am not comfortable sharing out of respect for the person and have also been getting comments about how I won’t be able to recover without treatment, haven’t hit my rock bottom, or will never be able to be a therapist or nutritionist because I’ve had my eating disorder too long. It had me really down and honestly ready to stop all this hard work. Maybe they were right. Especially since it looks like I will be without a team in TN as well due to finances.

Then I had this bible study and BAM! God hit me. It spoke to the truth I have held on for so long, that God sees our whole lives and uses EVERY part of them to prepare us for our future. Yes…even the mistakes. The mistakes aren’t the end of our story, they are the areas of mending that prepare us for our calling and make us perfect and complete. They are part of the equipping God does of us spoken about all throughout Scripture.

The Enemy wants to bind us up and tell us we are incapable because of our past. Of the ways we have slipped up in the past, but my dear friends, that is a pure LIE. The reality is any time the word “equip” is used in Scripture, the Greek word means “the prepare, mend, reapair, make a perfect fit.” God doesn’t just prepare us…denoting starting fresh from a clean slate, but he REPAIRS us. He uses our pasts, what we see as imperfections, to make us PERFECT for our calling. For a perfectionist like me, knowing I am perfect for something because of my imperfections means a lot.

So yes…I’ve struggled for quite some time, but that doesn’t mean I am not called. That this fire in me to help others isn’t the Spirit. No, my friends, it just means God has a beautiful path of restoration for me. And He has it for you too. And it doesn’t matter how long we have been “disabled” by our pasts. Jesus Christ laid hands on a woman disable for 18 years in Luke 13:10-17. He released her (even on the Sabbath) and “untied [her] from the bondage.” He does the same for each of us, freeing us for our destiny, the one we are PERFECT for.

I can’t sum it up and put it any more perfectly than using Beth’s words: “God mends our pasts to tend to our futures.” Don’t look at your past and think it counts you out, no Precious one, it is the past that counts you in. The mending and repairing that will come from it will make you perfect for your calling. You can heal others best if you can show them where the Lord has healed you. That’s why there are support groups. Because through our similar hurts, we find healing. God can do that even moreso. He can sow up our wounds so we can show off our scars and say to people…you can be healed. So let’s embrace our past, ready for how the Lord will use it for repairing and preparing for our future. All you have to do is bring the Lord your pasts and hurts, He will bring the healing. 

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