Monday, May 26, 2014

Quick update

Just wanted everyone to know I decided not to go to spin today as mentioned here (which was good because there was an emergency at work and I had to go in) and also decided what to do about behaviors mentioned here. As terrifying and overwhelming as it was...I decided to go with the three grouping, but changed a little. So today started: no weighing fruit/veg, no leaving anything behind, full banana and PB, and daily scary veg. It was excruciatingly hard especially when it wasn't the "perfect" day. Had scary weigh-in, got called into work which screwed up meal timing, and so had to eat late and faced even more fear foods. Many points I wanted to give in, but I text my support and they saw me through. Them and my trust and hop in God. I wanted to at least get through one day. Just this one....thats all that matters. Just today...that's all I have. This one day, one moment, one choice to build my tomorrow.

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