Wednesday, May 14, 2014


This is a different kind of WIAW (thanks Jenn for hosting)…It’s PB edition! Devoted completely and entirely to the one, the only, the amazing PB & Co! This amazing company sent me free samples two years ago, but ED got the best of me and I ended up giving away most of the pb and only getting one serving of each. Well…I contacted them again. Ready to put anorexia to the side and face PB again. I have always loved peanut butter and I wanted it to be a part of my life again. I honestly didn’t expect them to send anything….so when these 3 lovely jars reached my house…..tears welled up in my eyes (this is actually the pic from last year…cracked open these jars before took pic).

That week (this was like a month ago) I needed a meal plan increase and my N asked me what I wanted…and I told her about the PB…and so the add was 2 T PB. This was when the exploration began…to see all the amazing ways I could use PB. Oh…and…btw, the next week I still hadn’t gained…so PB is a fat, a healthy fat, but (as with any food) it isn’t fattening. So go, be free, and enjoy PB. But not just any jar…go for PB& Co.

First off, there are amazing flavors, but the three they sent me were Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, Dark Chocolate Dreams, and White Chocolate Wonderful. With names like that you might think there were a bunch of additives or ingredient list a mile long…but all of them have like 5/6 ingredients max, gluten-free, and VEGAN!

Cinn raisin swirl: Peanuts, dried cane syrup, raisins, cinnamon, palm fruit oil, salt (very minimal salt and very low sodium btw)
White Chocolate Wonderful: Peanuts, dry cane syrup, cocoa butter, vanilla, palm fruit oil, lecithin (from sunflower), salt
Dark Chocolate Dreams: : Peanuts, dry cane syrup, cocoa, cocoa butter, vanilla, palm fruit oil, lecithin (from sunflower), salt

What I love about the flavors too is that they don’t taste heavily of the flavor. They taste like peanut butter with a hint of the flavor, which to me is good. If I am eating peanut butter…I want to taste peanut butter. I think the cinnamon raisin swirl is the heaviest on non-PB flavor, but that is just because there are whole raisins in it, so you get a raisin kick, but it definitely still taste like peanut butter.

Enough talking….onto all the ways to taste PB.

First up….is an AMAZING concoction I came up with. Get some frozen peaches and heat up in microwave for however long to get warm and get some juices. Pour out a little bit of the juice. Add ½ cup fiber one cereal. Then add a dollop of PB on top and stir! AMAZING! It’s like a peach crumble. For this one I used the cinnamon raisin swirl and it was just AMAZING!

The second way I tried it apparently most people eat PB this way and I never have. Have it with apple slices. Yes…I have never had apple and PB. Actually got idea from my friend who has PB and apple sandwiches instead of PB&jelly. For this one I used White Chocolate Wonderful. I wasn’t a fan of the pairing..why? Because I felt the apple took away from the PB. In fact…after one slice I decided I was done and instead ate the PB by the spoonful and then the apple. Now that was amazing!

Another great pairing is with English muffin, banana, and PB. This can be done one of two ways. The first time I tried it I had banana on side and used Dark Chocolate Dreams and actually cheated and used another brand regular PB (won’t state name here). Well…I hate the half with the other brands PB, but LOVED the Dark Chocolate Dream. I then had a scoop of Dark Chocolate Dream with the PB and it was amazing too. When I shared with my N I was informed it was more normal to put the Pb and banana on the English muffin together….wow…learn something new every day.

So…I tried that too. I toasted the English muffin…smashed on banana, and added the PB. Then heated in microwave for maybe 20 seconds so the PB (White Chocolate Wonderful this time) melted. OMG I was in heaven! This, people, is amazing. May not look the best…but it is AMAZING!

Next up, the way I used to eat PB but was so scared to ever try again. So..I tried it three ways! PB and graham cracker!

First, I just did graham cracker with PB. Nothing special, just the way it was and with a banana on the side (I do these snacks after spin and bananas help with cramping and plus are AMAZING with PB). I used cinnamon raisin swirl for this one and cinnamon graham crackers. It was pretty good, but as I got more creative…got even better.

Next up….switch it up a bit. Peaches, grahams, yogurt, and cinnamon raisin swirl and white chocolate wonderful. I crumbled one of grahams in the yogurt and stirred in the peaches which was pretty good.Then I did the PB on the other two grahams. This was when I realized..White Chocolate Wonderful and graham crackers is the BOMB DOT COM!

And the best yet: mashed banana, White chocolate wonderful, and grahams. Heated up in microwave for 20 seconds. It was AMAZING!!!! It made me start wondering what it would be like with marshmallow too…will let you know when I try.

Of course after all of these amazing pairings…tried a way I wasn’t a fan of. PB and oatmeal. But again…don’t blame the PB…It was the oatmeals fault! Oatmeal was just too runny and took away from the PB. Plus…I think using the non-PB and Co peanut butter didn’t help things either. In fact.. I was so disappointed, I went back and ate a scoop of Dark Chocolate Dreams on its own.

But it wasn’t long before I found another amazing way to enjoy PB. Banana, Reese’s puffs, and PB. Wasn’t a fan of Reese’s Puffs but another fear food done. Was just too salty for me.But PB and banana came to the rescue! Btw, sorry all the bananas are turn…I don’t like what I call the banana nipples…the little ends.

Another amazing combo, especially if you have a George Foreman or Panini Press is corn tortilla, banana, and PB (side of Margarita flavored Yoplait is highly recommended but optional). First put banana and tortilla in paninin press till it gets crispy tortilla and gooey banana. Remove from Panini and then add PB. I have tried this with all of the flavors and all of them are absolutely AMAZING in this combo.

Then, sadly, I tried a way I wasn’t a fan of. Carrots and PB. Just wasn’t for me. It tasted more like carrot and less like PB and also chocolate flavor didn’t sound good with carrots, nor did raisins…so had to go with that other brand PB…and it just wasn’t as good.

BUT…the next day I found another love!!! The final one of our saga. VitaBrownie from the Vita top company, banana, and PB. This is AMAZING if you want something sweet. I haven’t used cinnamon raisin swirl with this, but its great with the two chocolate PBs.

 So the final verdict...PB& Co rules! I loved the PB in every combo except the ones that took away from the PB (oatmeal, apple, carrots). Basically, I love my PB and I don't want to miss out on my spoonful :) So here is summary of ideas

Cinnamon Raisin Swirl: great in frozen fruit/fiber one combo, amazing with graham crackers, also corn tortilla/banana combo

Dark Chocolate Dreams: Amazing on its own and with anything sweet (Vitabrownie, graham crackers), also good with corn tortilla and banana or on english muffin

White Chocolate Wonderful: my favorite. In fact I have started to eat it frozen on a spoon (scoop out tablespoon first and freeze at least an hour on a plastic spoon) but its also amazing in ANY of the combos listed above


  1. Everything looks so yummy!!!! peanut butter is like my best friend haha. I LOVE pb&co!