Monday, November 3, 2014

Need Readers Accountability

So I am possibly the worst blogger ever! got real real crazy and recovery got real, real hard so I just stopped posting. I prioritized the wrong things and recovery started to slip. I didn't relapse, but I didn't spend time doing recovery-oriented things. has toned down a lot and I want to commit to journaling and making those blog posts....good, bad, or neutral. It may be topics from Social Work classes I am in, or just how day was, or recovery tips. But it will happen. At least 3 days a week to start. BUT...I also know myself. And I know I won't do this if no one is reading and if I don't have accountability. So if you are out there...if you will hold me accountable...if you will maybe even comment sometimes....either comment below or shoot me an e-mail through the contact section. Thanks everyone.


  1. I am still reading and I am here for you! I understand what you are going through, as I am in the same boat. I think blogging will be a very positive outlet for you if you feel yourself struggling. <3

  2. I am still reading! Shoot me an email if you need anything- I'm here for you <3