Sunday, June 23, 2013


So everyone I lapsed really bad. I told myself it was temporary and once I reached a certain weight I would stop. But I am miserable and tired and feel like shit. So in desperation I've overexercised like crazy and now I'm .2 lbs from the start wt and I am pissed and desperate to start but brain is so twisted it says this is God withholding permission. But what if it could be victory. A tiny victory over ED by starting now. Opinions?

UPDATE: Will give more information tomorrow as have a lot of stuff (okay eating) to do tonight. But basically....a miracle happened and I ended up deciding to start the new plan today. It's been really good and I am struggling a bit with same feelings of failure for not reaching my "goal" but I am seeing that truly was victory. Have had a lot of insights actually....but again, I will put that up tomorrow or maybe Tuesday :) 

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  1. Jess - You are learning to hear God's voice so I believe you already know the answer to your question. Here's the proof - you are miserable, tired, feel like sh@t, you're pissed and in desperation. This does not sound like God's plan for you. What is very much proof of God is that tiny little hope you still express - the "what if I could have victory over ED?" Now that has all the makings of God's plan for you. Trust Him Sweetie.