Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WIAW: Quest Bar Review

Peas and CrayonsSo for this WIAW I am doing a review of a bar I used to love till ED stepped in and made me scared of. But I said screw ED and decided to face this food and I have fallen in love. Not only are they delicious, but they are full of protein, fiber, and have very small (and easily understandable) ingredient list. The fats (which really aren't high at all despite what ED told me) are completely natural and good for you. They came from either nuts and/or nut butter. What is this awesomeness??? Quest Bars!!

Honestly, these are great for anyone, but especially ED patients, because of the protein and fiber (at least in my opinion). They are definitely a chewy bar not crunchy at all, but I love that :) And it's like magic if you heat them for 15 seconds they get doughy like a cookie....a bar with options...I like it. My nutritionist is thrilled I am eating these and not only that, but when I shared my story and blog with the company they sent me a free sampler pack to try. A great company and great bars...what could be better. So obviously I haven't had all the flavors yet, but here are reviews for ones tried (and loved) so far.

Apple Pie: FREAKING amazing. Heated up 15 seconds even better. Smells and taste just like apple pie. Even apple chunks in it. And it just taste so light and doesn’t have bloating I thought it would because of the fiber. It was amazing and so good I didn’t even think of the fear of it. Let's put it this way. This was the bar I bought that led me to go out next day and buy more to try and also to reach out to the company. And I am definitely not someone who willingly buys something for myself. 
Final decision: Get this bar! And the best way to eat it is heated :) 

Strawberry cheesecake: loved this because tasted nothing like cheesecake. I hate cheesecake and anything really cream cheesy like that. This was more like a nice, fresh strawberry cake…strawberry shortcake esk. Again great heated up. It's not that heavy, dense flavor of cheesecake, but is nice light and airy. It's perfect for these summer days and my current strawberry obsession, because there are strawberry chunks in it too :) 
Final decision: NO DUH! Get this one! It's a tie between heated and not. 

Lemon Cream Pie: This wasn’t bad…but it wasn’t as amazing as other too. The lemon flavor a little too light for a lemon fiend like me. It was stronger lemon once heated up…but more like lemon cookie than strong lemon in lemon meringue or lemon yogurt. It’s a flavor I would eat if in front of me, but not go out and seek.
Final decision: not for me. It's not horrible and if it's sent as a sample I would eat it, but probably won't be buying this one. If you do have it I would suggest heating it. 

Banana Nut Muffin: I LOVE Banana flavored anything…and when I opened this bar I was pumped because was overwhelmed with banana smell. Well…that’s about where the banana ended. The flavor was definitely of a muffin…but I lacked the banana flavor I am used to. It was more just like a spice muffin…which isn’t bad. So it’s kind of like Lemon Pie…I won’t seek it out as a flavor to eat, but if it is there I will eat it. I heated up the Banana Muffin for 30 seconds and it actually does taste like banana muffin then..but it gets a weird consistency. 

Final: probably won't go buy this one myself unless really overwhelming craving for banana. But if someone gave it to me I would definitely eat it, but only after a nuking session in the microwave for 30 seconds (most Quest Bars only heat for 15 seconds). 

Chocolate PB: THIS IS AMAZING! I don't think any flavor is going to beat it. Got over the fear and had it and it is DELICIOUS! This is like a freaking candy bar. It smells like amazing peanut butter and the taste is amazing too.  It’s not overly PB (you know how things can get overly PB and get salty salty here just amazingness) or overly chocolate…it’s kind of like a snickers bar. Taste good heated and room temp….neither is better because both ROCK! Oh and there are little peanut chunks in it too. 
Final: what are you doing still on this page? Go order these bars now. Heat up some, eat some at room temp, heck I don't think anything could make these ones taste bad!

So far here is my summary and ranking of the bars. 
1. Chocolate PB! The scariest one for me too, but it was awesome.
2. Strawberry Cheesecake: just love that it taste so light and fresh
3. Apple Pie (honestly this fluctuates between 2nd and 3rd depending on day): it's delicious and so tempted to have with scoop fro yo or some vanilla yogurt
4. Banana nut muffin: have to so overheat it just to get banana flavor. It's not disgusting by any means...just not the first thing I would reach for. 
5. Lemon Cream Pie: So far this is the only one I really don't want to try again. I mean it wasn't just wasn't what I expected. 

Be on the lookout for my review of more of these bars next week. Oh, and I had a rough nutritionist session today, so be on the lookout for blog posts on that one :) Love you all :) And I love Jenn for hosting. 

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