Friday, July 12, 2013

May trigger but need vent

Alright so I ate stupid cake. I trusted and I did it...what happens? Worst fear! Ed is proven right and I gain 1.2 lbs overnight. Could it be from eating late? Yes. Could it be because didn't poo as much? Yes. Does my brain blame cake and meal plan? Yes!
What does this mean? It means I want to restrict and feel I can now. Hasn't even been a week and gained 2 lbs. It feels so wrong especially when wt was down slightly yesterday. But honestly a bigger part of me doesn't want to restrict. It's hungry and wants to give plan just one more day. Heck...if throw in towel now...well won't have even made it a week on this plan.
So I want to give it till tom. Now before you get all excited and proud of me for doing plan let me be honest. Right now I have plan in tom to eat low amt of calories so can lose this wt if its still there. And I plan on exercising. That is if wt is still up. So I'm hoping and praying its not...and I am gonna try and not think about fact having high sodium jimmy johns tonight. I'm scared to eat today...but know tom I can just to back. Will take the two weeks till school off from nutritionist and then when go back to school will try again.
I know its crazy and makes no sense. This cycle I have where gain, get scared, and lose back. That's why I am hoping this wt be down tom and have only gained a lb or less in this week.
For today...just keep with plan. And get timing on track. That's my focus. Wish me luck.

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