Monday, March 31, 2014

WOWza Recovery Weekend

Mar 28-30th: This isn’t everything I ate just the highlights of the big recovery things! This was one of the best, scariest, most amazing recovery weekends of my life. And no..I didn't balloon.

Fri Mar 28th
I woke up excited for this day because I was going to see Frozen, but also terrified because I had just started the new plan the day before and knew I couldn’t resist stepping on scale despite feeling bloated. Well..that was scary realization. Luckily, I was busy most of day, but wasn’t a fan of what the lovely starch box granted me. Beans again AND baked potatoe!

First was the dilemma with the beans. When I draw beans I mean beans of the day…but I wanted to do black beans…ranch beans scared me because know there were spices. Tried to convince myself I didn’t like them…but honestly..I couldn’t remember last time I had them (if ever). Ended up doing what I knew was right and got the ranch beans…I LOVE THEM!

And then to my shock (and horror) ECV had exactly what I was craving for awhile…corn on cobb. As you know my nutritionist and friends know from the texts and emails (thank you all for not hating me..or not telling me you hate me at least)....panic ensued.

Luckily I had spin. It was the most amazing spin thanks to the instructor. It was tough, but completely focused on realizing our strength and our bodies capability. It made me see if I am going to spin, if body is going to do all it does for me…just by beating my heart and breathing..I need to nourish it. So I left ready to do what I needed to do and face the Baked potato and corn AND salmon.

First though, it was time to face PB (a lovely 2T increase I really...I do secretly enjoy it) with bananaBOTH of the scariest PB…the two chocolate kind and half a banana. Wasn’t a fan of regular chocolate one, but the white chocolate still good.

Then it was time to face dinner which was AMAZING. Even did a WHOLE CUP MELON. (sorry not all pictured…was running late to movie.  

As if I wasn’t freaking out enough I also decided went so hard at spin I deserved to bring along the biggest bagel I had to go and see Frozen. Yeah….I was feeling rebellious and boy rebellion was good. Who needs popcorn..I’ve got bagels.

Sat Mar 29th
Was freaking out from moment I woke up this day because knew it was easier spin class. Also got surprise call and got put on duty, so knew I couldn’t do the strength workout I wanted. Was so scared to eat the wrong thing or do the wrong thing because knew Sun was dessert day. Luckily have amazing friends who helped me remember all I have is today. I can spend today stressing about tomorrow and miss out on all the joy, or I can live in today, leave tomorrow for tomorrow and enjoy life’s gifts.

I also had no appetite so it was big struggle. And since had so much to get done and had spin and knew needed to be fueled, had to stick to good timing. So had to eat even without hunger. After normal breakfast it was time for challenge at lunch when I was faced with dinner roll again. The one from Snelling….wasn’t a fan…though made nice mini sandwich.

Then I went to spin…and another motivational instructor who got me thinking about recovery. I had felt weird about eating half a banana the day before and really wanted to be able to eat a whole freaking banana. But I was scared to because was also facing fat free tortilla as 1 starch when always been two. Then I remembered I shouldn’t be balancing things out like that. And if I wanted a whole banana…if I wanted one day in future to eat whole banana when out with was time to start. So I did it…a whole banana (on a corn tortilla with PB sooo good). I figured my body needed the PB and potassium after spin. It’s nice to think of food as nutrients.Oh and                                                                     Margarita flavored yogurt! 

Which happened again later because was feeling..ummm..backed up. Had planned safer fruit for dinner…well safer of the scary as in applesauce…but then remembered oranges help with constipation as does spinach. So ate a HUGE orange. I weighed it and it seemed “too big” but then I knew I didn’t want to have to weigh oranges the rest of my life so ate the whole dang thing!!!!

And bagel again that night was a huge one which scared me.

Went to bed still bloated (thanks orange for not working) but honestly…felt proud.
Sun Mar 31st
Here it was….rest and dessert day. And honestly…it was a struggle.

Woke up late thanks to tummy upset keeping me up most of night and plus being on duty. Remembered dining halls closed earlier so had to go without breakfast to dining hall to get the desserts. This led to panic as I told myself neither looked good. Pie too crumbly and cake…well I just told myself it looked fake…whatever that means. Reality was caked looked better than pie but didn’t want to admit that because fruit pie seem healthier. So I snuck out both. But soon realized which I wanted as I automatically put cake slice in fridge and pie slice in freezer to save for another day (since last time this week on rotation).

It was then a very scary breakfast as had to mix PB in my oatmeal. Went with my normal skippy and retrired the Chocolate one too. WAsn’t fan of skippy in oatmeal, but the chocolate was good off the knife and even mixed some in yogurt as you said…that was good.

Soon I needed to go to store, but realized didn’t want to make my frequent mistake of leaving without lunch. But was running behind…so solution…pack lunch. Planned nice, safe cucumbers, but those decided to freeze in my fridge. So was faced with super fear of rye bread along with having to do steamed carrots I had smuggled day before. Was scared…but honestly…so freaking happy those cucumbers froze..I LOVE carrots. And tuna and combo ever.

Store ran over so snacks and all pushed back, but I didn’t care…was just scared about dinner and about my cake. Then time came. Time for dinner. Baked potatoe with corn yet again (thank you box)…and this time couldn’t figure out fruit to do so figured was time to face applesauce…complete fear. But it was an amazing dinner!

And then…it was cake time. Last time ate cake was on 21st b-day and gained a lb after and vowed would never eat cake again. So much for that! It was amazing! And the whole time all I could think was how now if I am at a party or a function and they serve cake…I can have a slice.

First bite!!!!!

Yes I am weird...I eat the inside first...this is how always been but opposite of how I am with candy bars where eat edges first. 


And didn’t restrict or exercise or anything. Did whole plan…yes I’m scared, but I’m proud.

And looking back…I love how colorful my meals have gotten…and honestly…they all look pretty healthy. Like if I didn’t know I was one who ate them…I would think person eating those was a nutrition expert/personal trainer. 

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