Friday, April 11, 2014

1st ever VIDEO update

So...decided to try out making a video...hope you all enjoy...


  1. Jess - It is so sad to see such a beautiful and clearly intelligent girl have so much trouble voicing her thoughts. It is the ED fog and it is scary and it is sad. I say this because I sometimes feel it myself. Even at a much higher BMI than you are at, I am on the precipice of underweight for my height, and I regularly feel brain fog and I HATE IT. I have 2 degrees - one from an Ivy League university, and I feel at a loss when I can't properly convey what I am thinking. At a higher weight, this was not a problem, as far as I can remember. Please check into the hospital. You are capable and deserving of so much more, and you need to fight this ED to honor your father, your mother, your friends, and more than all of them combined...YOURSELF.
    - Longtime Blog reader from Massachusetts

  2. I enjoyed watching your video and think you should make more :) Praying for you! xo