Saturday, April 19, 2014

Another strike against food scale

So I weighed the Jimmy John’s again and it got me thinking. I started freaking because too large (aka larger than serving size). But then a friend told me could still be less calories because I don’t really know what that 195g is. How much is lettuce, tomato, bread, turkey? So really…this thing I think give control is but another illusion. It is just as trustworthy to weigh as to just eat the sandwich as a sandwich. Either way….all I really know is that it is one sandwich. I don’t really know the calories.

And I started thinking this applies to other things too. Things I weigh in hopes it give me more control.Cereals. I know a cup is a cup and thus 1-2 grain excahnges. I used to weigh them (have broken out of that habit now). Thought it helped me control calories…but all it did was make me panic. And realy how do I know if my grams are the same components in the grams when they measured? I don’t. It would be better to just go with a cup. Because a cup of cereal (no matter weight) is same exchanges.

Just another reason not to weigh foods. It at least makes sense with protein because exchanges based on weights…but everything else (except potatoes) they aren’t. I mean even weighing breads and tortillas stupid. May weigh more just because more water in it. May not actually be more calories. And I have to eat the whole thing anyway….why give myself more stress.

And I want exchanges, not calories. Why is that so hard for me to grasp. Why! Why do I keep standing in my own way after doing so good for so many days. After having such freedom with exchanges past two nights. Guess this is the panic getting off plan today did to me (yeah...didn't go so well...probably too early to do something like that with ED yelling). But I did do cupcake (it was disgusting and tasted mediciney) and didn't weigh it!

Will add this to my arsenal of why not to weigh things…but I bet I will weigh them  once again. I'm so tired of this. Why can't I just stop. I do meal plan, I am not overexercising, I am challenging myself (read CUPCAKE and JIMMY JOHN'S)...but then I slip up and do something stupid like food scale use. WHY! Why! Feel disgusted. I much prefer the fear with a side of freedom from challenges than the disgust and defeat with listening to ED...

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