Friday, April 18, 2014

Good in Good Friday

Happy Good Friday everyone. The Lord has blessed me so much today and has laid on my heart what is truly good in this Good Friday.

I have gone through so many Good Fridays in the past (21 to be exact). Each one just thinking “Oh it’s Good Friday…well guess that means almost Easter. And this is the day Christ died. That’s a good thing I guess. Wonder if we are going to communion?” Literally, that’s all I thought about Good Friday (hard for me to admit). But this Good Friday is different.

This Good Friday I realized the power of the day and the event it celebrates. This is the first Good Friday without my dad, and because I have lost him, I finally understand the power of today. What makes something as horrible as the Crucifixion of Christ a truly Good thing. Because Christ died, because God let his Son be tortured, beaten, murdered…we are ALL saved. We never have to feel the sting of death. We never have to get the punishment we deserve for our sin. And…we don’t have to be perfect. We can make mistakes and still be saved…all because of what happened on the first Good Friday. All because Christ broke the chains of sin by fulfilling the law for us all.

I don’t have to be perfect. I can make mistakes…be imperfect, but ask for forgiveness and be freed. Be washed clean as white as snow. I don’t have to live in regret of all the mistakes I made…I don’t have to walk around in life scared I will make a mistake and lose my eternal life. All because of what happened on that first Good Friday. All because the Perfect One laid down His life for my imperfections. Took the beatings I deserve. Took the death I deserve. To save me. And He did that for you too.

And the most amazing thing…I never have to say goodbye. Even though I deserve death because of my sins, because of my ED, because I have fallen short…I will never die because of God’s love. His pure, unconditional love that has saved my life. So I never have to say goodbye to the ones I love. I don’t have to let go of my father or get over his death. Because we never said goodbye…we never had to. The last thing I said was: “I love you.. can’t wait to see you when I come home. “ And because of that first Good Friday, that is true. I will see my dad again when I go Home to Heaven. When my work here on earth is done and Christ calls me home. All because of that first Good Friday. All because God in His Goodness laid down His life for me. And He did that for you too.

So that’s what is Good…dare I say Great about Good Friday. God poured out His love through the blood of His Son that washed away our sin. He washed away all conditions, all laws, and just showed His Love. His Amazing, Saving, Glorious Love. The Love that has set us free. In His death we were made whole. We were saved. In exchange for His life we received life eternal. I am humbled, overwhelmed, and crying with thankfulness for Christ’s deed on that first Good Friday. For the sacrifice God made that day. Because of His love…because of the events of this day…I have ETERNAL LIFE. I will be in Heaven with God and my loved ones.

 And you know what…I will run to the Lord and embrace Him (after I get off my face in pure reverence of His power). I will wrap my arms around Him, tears streaming down my face, and say “Thank you Father. Thank you for loving a sinner like me. Thank you for saving a sinner like me. Thank you…thank you my Father.” Then I will turn to Christ and say “Thank you for your sacrifice. For dying for a sinner like me. For loving a sinner like me. For saving a sinner like me.” And then I will turn to my dad, my grandpa, my grandma, my beloved aunt…the ones already living in glory…I will run to their arms and say “Told you I would see you again. Thank you all for being here for a sinner like me.”

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