Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bite of Cupcakey Freedom

I can't believe it! I did it! It took support and prayer.....but I ate a whole freaking cupcake. Well...sort of a whole one. Figured this was so big it needed it's own post.....pre-Freedom Friday :) 

So first off I got a dinky cupcake earlier but I wanted one more cupcakey so I went on search at other dining halls after my exam :) Here is what greeted me. I was scared to do this cupcake because more icing it seemed and looked bigger and it was at dining hall other than one I told N was getting from. Thus I didn't think her reassurance applied....well ED didn't...but this was the one I wanted. How do I know? I asked someone which I should eat....the said the red one I had before and instantly I was mad they said it. So I went for what my body wanted :) 

Well it came time to take the first bite and I discovered another amazing part of outpatient treatment. YOU CAN EAT THINGS HOW YOU WANT! So I got out my little spoon and cut off the top (I always have liked to eat top separate :) This was my treat and I was doing it how I liked. It also was quite suprising. I "cheated" my old way of eating cupcakes and ate a bit of icing first (always saved for last). And I got suprised with a lemon flavor. Here I was thinking I got vanilla and I got lemon....which is MY FAVORITE! I know God had a plan in this :) But then things went awry. I took a bite of bottom part and it was I figured I would just heat it up....

BAD IDEA! Apparently 20 seconds is too long not just for cupcakes....but for plastic tops too. Cupcake got burnt and plastic top got melted.....and ED....he went so happy. He said...see you can't finish this cupcake now. If you don't balloon it will be because of this....well that wasn't gonna fly...

So I opened up the container that had the "rejected" dinky cupcake and I took a bite :) Take that ED....ED was screaming and honestly I was standing in shock. Did I seriously just eat an unknown number of cals to replace an unknown number of cals in something else. Something I burnt? Why yes....yes I did. If I am getting victory I'm not holding back. Part of me is scared I took too big of a bite...but I figure it will just make it easier next time I do a cupcake and don't burn it.

And there will be a next time....because this cupcake is all gone :(

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  1. Big smiles for you!! Three cheers for freedom, three cheers for you, three cheers for cupcakes. Totally cheering all around. This sets you up for an excellent Freedom Friday, my dear. xo