Friday, May 3, 2013

Catch-up time

Just fair warning for you all. I have been writing quite a bit with all this stress just not prepare yourself to do a lot of reading these next few days as I am officially a SENIOR! And I officially have no classes or tests but am stuck on campus a whole week. Not only that..but I have a new here are some posts to look forward too:

1. My new therapist and our amazing first meeting
2. How I want my senior year to look and how use summer to get there
3. Frustration from tonight about scale
4. Listening to hunger
5. Freedom Foods!!!

And whatever other blogposts I am forgetting that I wrote this week and that will come in this week. But there will also be a face lift happening as I post a new fear food list and summer goals list. Spring semester goals didn't go so hot because I expected myself to change instantly....instead of giving myself smaller goals. But for summer gonna start where I am at. Can always add goals later.

Alrighty....there was a taste test. Now go and get reading :)

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