Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy Celebration of Life Day

My phone let me know this morning it was Celebration of Life what did I do to celebrate life today:

  • I did two blog post even that mind told me nobody would care
  • My weight was not what I wanted, but I didn't drop more exchanges
  • I gave up things I wanted to do in order to help someone else
  • I ate a baked potato. I got two...weighed them...ED wanted smaller one to "save" calories especially since still not back on full plan. I went with bigger one. He said that was fine if I cut it to in-between size. I didn't cut it. I told myself about the potassium it provided not the calories
  • I ate bagel I wanted despite being higher calorie. 
  • I honored my dad by choosing bagel wanted and doing bigger potato. 
  • I had every excuse to not eat. Stomach issues from meds make it physically painful to eat. Timing got off due to unforseen circumstances. Wt wasn't where I wanted. But I chose life...for today I chose life..I chose to eat what I had planned. Just like my dad always told me to do and in order to celebrate life. My dad's life, my friends supporting me lives...and my life. 
So today...I chose life..I celebrated life. And these tummy issues....hopefully they will be ending. Apparently I am having allergic reaction to the medication that was supposed to solve it and it's only made things worse. Today involved face swelling, choking feeling, nausea, loss appetite, and fullness. So doc called it quits. Prayers appreciated. 

And do I feel proud. Slightly. But honestly I feel scared, disgusted, guilty. But in my heart I know I did the right thing. I know I chose life. I know if my dad was here and I called him to tell him he would have given me the "That a girl" I needed. So right now it sucks....but it's okay....I know it was right thing to do and sometimes that is what has to get you through. So whatever you did today to celebrate life. I am proud of did the right thing...and you are AMAZING!

If you didn't know it was Celebration of Life Day...just celebrate tomorrow :) How will you celebrate life? Comment below :) 

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