Saturday, December 15, 2012

Freedom Friday #3 (on Sat)

How could I forget Freedom Friday! Totally slipped my mind and I did so much freedom wise this week. So here is Freedom Friday Saturday :) I am also excited to let you all know there are two companies so far who are gonna send me some samples to find freedom in :) Check back soon for details :)

Let's start with this lovely because it relates so much to my lessons learned about ED's excuses and nutrition facts. This brownie was selected during my nutrition session last week for me to face that Saturday. Well, that was a 4 day delay that provided me the "opportunity" to look up the nutrition facts. While it wasn't as scary as I thought it was scarier than another dessert offered that night...oatmeal raisin cookie. So ED decided that whichever "looked better" I would have. So when I strolled into the dining hall and saw this lovely next to the cookie, my mind automatically went to the fact that it didn't look like a fudge brownie. It looked dry. It looked disgusting. It looked old. Of course none of this was true, but ED was fighting hard to get me to choose the cookie. Looking back I love how I thought I could judge something I haven't allowed myself to have in at least 5 years based off site.Anyway,  I smuggled both out of the dining hall and reached out to my recovery friends (like I talked about earlier). Everyone let me know I needed to stick with the original plan...which led to the first bite:
ignore the lack of was finals week after all

Which led to a second, third, and several more till it was all gone. Let me say I AM SOOO HAPPY I DIDN'T GO BY SIGHT. This brownie was amazing and (gulps) I think I will do another one. One because its still scary....but also because I did enjoy it. Hard for me to admit, but I did.

Next, up Peanut butter at Sunday Dinner as I promised a reader I would do since she faced peanut butter as well. Thank you so much Emilie for inspiring me to do this. It was amazing and I definitely need to keep facing peanut butter till it gets easier. I loved it (and still do) and thus I deserve to eat it. And it's perfectly good for me and a great way to meet my fat (or essentials) exchanges.

And as if facing peanut butter wasn't nutty enough I also faced this peanut chicken. This is another thing I didn't think looked good, but I had it anyway. Sadly, this time the sight and taste lined up, but still I had the peanut chicken and faced it....won't be facing it again, but hey...can mark that off the list :) 

 And I also faced new favorite quick dinner: Split Pea Soup by Tabatchnick. It's frozen and I always did the low sodium, but I don't need low sodium so I let myself get the regular kind. It may look disgusting, but it was SOOOOO good. In fact, I got some more when I came home and had it last night too :)
And here are some more things I faced, but I just forgot to take pics of mine. Again, I need to keep facing them, but here they are: 
Sooo good. Gonna keep facing. 
Brown rice I love, but am so scared. Not sure why, just am.
Had some tonight and gonna keep trying. 
Amazing! Gonna keep doing.  

And to reward myself for all my hard work I went and spent some time working with my future guide dogs :) 

How will you find freedom this week? How did you find it last week?

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  1. Great job!!!! I think I need to face the peanut butter again soon. It's a BIG fear food. Let me know if there are any other food challenges you want to try to face together.