Friday, December 28, 2012

Freedom Friday 4: Xmas Week

Despite this week being extremely rough I did manage some freedom foods I would like to share :)

 This is a lovely refried bean quesedilla. I really was craving it, but was scared of sodium and the beans. But I put that aside and did it anyway. Actually, my tummy was too upset for a shake so I made it with enough beans to replace my shake. Notice the weird shape? This is the freedom brought by using a waffle maker when you don't have a panini press lol. I was so pleased with this it's what I brought to eat at my family's Feliz Navidad Christmas.

This is PB2 Oatmeal. This combines my fear of oatmeal and peanut butter. Granted I did take the easy way out and use PB2, but still I faced the fear of oatmeal. My mind was screaming the whole time, but my was smiling. And I think the inner me that is waiting to break out was smiling too :) 
Next up is a special product I had on xmas eve night. It's my typical Breyer's Frozen Yogurt, but it is combined with a special sample of Original Caveman Cookies.  This company was founded by Stephanie Lester who is a fellow recovery warrior, but she has successfully recovered from her disorder. She used the education she learned about Paleo diets and the power of natural food and fats and how much our body needs them to make these lovely cookies. I reached out to her and she sent me tons of cookies to sample. So this week I started with original. It was different than any cookie I have ever had. It's like a ginger snap meets oatmeal raising cookie, but is really soft and moist. I will say if you aren't used to natural foods, this may not be what you expect from a cookie. But for me, the natural sweetness from spices and moist texture hit the spot. Add some fro-yo and I was in heaven. The only problem I had...after all the lovely was all gone haha. There will be many more flavors I review and if people want to join me in supporting this company order cookies here. Also thought I would mention these are gluten-free as well :)  

 And tonight I am facing two freedom foods. As I type I am eating acorn squash stuffed with corn, guacamole, and chicken breast. Not really a fan of the acorn's kind of bland but still good for me to challenge myself :) The chicken breast was also a challenge, because its not the thin-sliced I usually do but I got through it and the juicy plumpness was actually better. Btw, this isn't a pic of my squash...mine didn't look as nice.

And later tonight for dessert another company sample sent to me. This is Arctic Zero....tonight Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor. I love this product so much. A lot of people look at it as a diet product because it's low calorie in the whole pint, but for me that's good because I can challenge myself to add toppings as such. Also, due to allergies I can't have regular ice cream, but to me this taste just like it. Plus it has chicory root which helps me absorb calcium. It's gonna be a big challenge, because tonight will be the first night I don't pre-measure it. But I can't rave enough about this product. It's so creamy, tasty, and is good for me to challenge myself with because I enjoy it so much. You can find them in some stores (Publix or Kroger for me) or can order them here or on But really...if you can and your team approves you should try it. I love crumbling granola or graham crackers over it, or adding syrup and marshmallows, anything. It's freaking delicious!  Just a fair warning is quite filling and will make you really cold (I mean it's frozen after all).

Well that's all the freedom for this week. Thanks for letting me write this...I feel my motivation coming back.
How did you all find freedom this week?

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