Thursday, December 6, 2012

I survived!

Just popping in real quick to let you all know I woke up today and survived eating the cookie. Actually...I don't feel half bad about it either.

Took a little break from studying to work on some posts for next week and am trudging through the meal plan post, but its gonna be a long one. I will publish it on Monday and it will be a mix of general meal plan stuff and semi-specifics about my plan and what has worked for me. Also, I think I got all the topics down for next week.

  • Meal Plan Madness
  • Team Up: about my team and what makes up a good team in my opinion
  • Eyes on the Prize: My goals (who knows this may become a tab I can edit as a quick reminder to me)
  • Something more?: Faith and how it has inspired and motivated me
  • Keep Calm, Carry on: Difference between slipping and relapse, how to pull yourself out
  • Reach Out: Building a support network, who is in mine
  • Learn from me: Mistakes I've made, experiments I've tried, and how you can learn from them not working out so well
Again, if you want any more topics, let me know :) So excited to know this blog is making an impact. Honestly I was thinking about giving up on it for awhile, then prayed about it, and all the sudden got comments and pageviews and e-mails. Feel so blessed to be a part of your lives. 

Pre-warning. The recovery week post will probably be long....but recovery is a long, complex task I haven't quite mastered yet. 

Also, if you all have any ideas/ suggestions about tabs at the top that would help you or you would like to see hit me up or comment below and let me know. Thinking of making one of my freedom foods, but not sure yet. And maybe after recovery week I will make one about my meal plan, maybe one for discoveries I made, and maybe a brief one about my team. Also, maybe one about goals....not sure..we shall see :) 

Love ya all...back to the books with me. But gonna leave you with how I feel about all my readers: 

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  1. i cant wait for all this good stuff. seriously your blog is my saving grace and i look foward to reading everyday...which is saying something since its so hard to look foward to things. i did my challenge last night as well! and we both survived! we are awesome huh? we can do this and im always here for you! xoxoxo