Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Updates! And Recovery Week plan :)

Hey everyone--
So few updates real quick. One, I may not be posting a lot this week because I am SLAMMED with finals. Luckily though they end next Monday...so I figured next week will be Recovery Week. In addition to any inspired blog topics I come up with, each day I will post a topic about my recovery and tools that are helping (a fellow reader gave me a few ideas). So here are the topics so far for that...not sure on order yet. Also, I need a few more ideas to fill up the 7 days :)

--Meal Plan Madness (committing to and building a meal plan)
--Team Up (about building a team that fits you....maybe I will even introduce some of my team members)
--Eyes on the Prize (my short, mid, and long term goals)
--Something More? (How my faith helps me pull through)
--Keep calm, carry on (dealing with setbacks)
--Reach out (who is on my support network and how to build one)

I need to keep my focus on recovery that week since will not have stress of school to keep me preoccupied from ED. Also, I have really exciting news, but I want to have time to share it...so be looking for me post about God's gift to me in a christmas angel :) Honestly, God brought a woman in my path who is amazing beyond words, more generous and giving than anyone I know....she is my Christmas Angel.

And check out the new tabs :) I have an About Me section and a Contact me section. Get so sad nobody post on here, but I set up an e-mail account just for you my readers. Send me ideas, questions, whatever :)

I am also thinking of making a goals and maybe freedom foods tab (btw enjoying one right now...Skittles...sometimes its scary to taste the rainbow).

Told you this one would be short...back to the books with me. Love you all :)


  1. this sounds amazing!!!!! i love you!

    1. Amazing idea inspired by you...one amazing lady :) Let me know any other ingenious ideas/topics you have :)

  2. Don't feel discouraged that people aren't posting! I am reading your blog and LOVE IT! I am in the EXACT SAME BOAT as you are...outpatient recovery...weight gain... all that jazz... Reading your blog has really helped me face some of my own food fears and work through my exchange meal plan as well. Keep writing!!! I will keep reading!!!

    1. I am so happy I can be here to help you. If you have any ideas of topics for next week don't hesitate to e-mail or comment them. Or if you ever need ANYTHING don't hesitate to reach out.